PTE Coaching in Hyderabad

PTE-The Pearson Test of English Academic
PTE is a very simple English test under the guise of a very long exam. Don’t let the duration of the test and the number of questions scare you. It’s very similar to a personality test.
Just as in a personality test, where similar question types are asked multiple times to asses one’s personality, in the PTE same type of questions are asked multiple times to asses one’s linguistic skills.
There are numerous question types in each section. Each question type repeats 6-12 times based on the section. Almost all question types test the same skills, in many different ways and a number of times. This is to ensure that the candidates’ performance is consistent and not a stroke of luck. PTE does not leave anything to chance.
For instance; the exam taker is asked to read a sentence aloud in the speaking test. He or she is asked to repeat the exercise 10 to 12 times. This is to ensure that the computer can provide a detailed report of all aspects of the taker’s language proficiency.
This can be better understood looking at the PTE score card. The score card along with the scores of listening, reading, writing & speaking skills, also includes scores for pronunciation, grammar, spelling word choice & fluency. No other test provides such a detailed report. This could also be primarily due to the fact that the test is completely evaluated by a computer leaving no scope for human error.
PTE is popular education circles as the most secure English test. This is because the complete test is video recorded and there is no place for any kind of malpractice.